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The 3 Components of Mental Strength

Mental Strength is a lot like physical strength. When it comes to growing stronger and becoming better, good habits will only get you so far in life if you're performing bad habits right alongside them.

If I wanted to grow physically strong, I might lift weights. But if I really wanted to see some muscle definition, I'd need to give up eating too much junk food. Otherwise, my workouts would'nt be all that effective. The same can be said for your mental muscles. You need good habits, like gratitude to grow stronger. But if you really want to see results, you would also have to give up bad habits,like comparing yourself with other people.

Its important to note that having a mental illness doesn't mean you're weak. Just like someone with depression can choose to become mentally strong. An illness can make building muscle more complicated, but its still possible.

You aren't either mentally strong or mentally weak. Everyone possesses mental strength to a certain degree. And no matter how strong you are, there's always room for improvement.

Its important to keep working your mental muscles too. If you grow lax about building strength, your mental muscles will atrophy.

There are 3 parts to Mental Strength:

* Thoughts - Its important to develop a realistic inner monologue. Thinking overly negative thoughts like

"I'll never succeed" will drag you down. But also dont

want to think in an overly positive way. Saying things

like "This will be easy" could cause you to enter a

situation unprepared.

* Feelings - While its healthy to experience a wide range

of emotions, you don't have to let your feelings control

you. If you wake up in a grumpy mood, you can take

steps to feel better. When you're angry, knowing how to

calm yourself down can prevent you from doing something

you regret. The more mental strength you build, the more

aware you'll become of your emotions and how those

emotions affect your choices.

* Behavior - No matter what circumstance you find yourself

in, it's important to take positive action. Whether you go to

the gym when you're tired or you speak up in a meeting

when you're filled with self-doubt, your choices can change

your life. Even if you can't solve a problem, you can

always choose to make your life or someone else's life


All three aspects of mental strength are interrelated. If you think, "I don't have anything valuable to say," you'll feel awkward about speaking up. That, in turn will likely affect your behavior, as you'll probably stay silent. Consequently, your belief that you dont have anything to add to the conversation will be reinforced.

We all get caught up in negative patterns like this in our lives. Building mental strength disrupts those unhealthy cycles and helps you to develop better habits so you can live a more fulfilling life.


I would want women to portray strength in an accurate light. While many people refer to Navy Seals as the epitome of mental toughness, women, who tend to be more nurturing and place more value on relationships , can also exemplify mental strength. You dont have to suppress your emotions, deny your pain, or push yourself to your physical limits to be strong.

Studies show women find that mental strength plays an important role in their lives. In 2015 and 2016, Kellogg surveyed six thousand women across the globe about inner strength. Here are their findings:

1. 92 percent of women said inner strength is important in

today's world.

2. 90 percent of women consider inner strength to be the key

to success.

3. 71 percent of women feel that with more strength they

could reach their full potential.

4. 82 percent of women wished they possessed greater

reserves of inner strength.

Clearly women want to be mentally stronger, but many aren't sure how to build their mental muscles.

I wrote this course for women with two goals in mind:

1. Empower women to build their mental muscles so they can become the strongest and best versions of themselves.

2. Encourage women to create a ripple effect that will inspire others to become mentally stronger.

To register for this course or more information, email me

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