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How to dress like you wealthy and successful

First impressions stick! Whether you like it or not but first impressions are remembered by the brain as it connects you to your first meeting of the person. 


When you are a business owner or executive, it is always recommended to keep everything simple and not over the top unless you are a Fashion Blogger. 


Simple stud earrings and my favorite is a pearl stud earring. It is classic, stylish and just make a statement.  You can wear a matching shirt string of pearls but that’s about it depending on the style of dress blouse etc. you can easily do without the string of pearls too.


A Simply Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn black fitted dress just personifies style. A Chanel style jacket will frame the outfit classically. The same outfit can be worn for a cocktail after work or drinks with other business owners or executives.

Keep colours neutral. Don’t wear bright colours like Magenta, orange and yellow etc. stick with creams, off white, black, red, and earthy autumn colours. It’s advisable not to mix colours. Keep everything the same colours.


Keep make up sheer with a nice healthy glow.  Minimalist is the key here. But when you going to a cocktail after hours a little bit more make up is ok with maybe a fushia or red lipstick will do the trick!


A classic handbag is a good investment. Keep it middle of the road size. Not too big and not too small. Keep a small bag in your boot for surprise after work drinks just big enough for your phone, lipstick, keys business cards and cash or bank card.


A good cashmere coat or wrap is a good classic choice. Black & a neutral colour is ample in your wardrobe.


A simple hair back in a bun is easy to wear if you have long hair. It does not get in the way and you can let it loose going to the surprised unplanned  cocktail  after work.


Keep your nails middle of the road size. Too long will look vampish and not easy to work on your computer or phone. Keep nail polish suttle and not too over the top.


Now you may say that it costs a fortune. My answer is it does not if you buy clever and classic that never goes out of style. I have picked up clothes from sales, end of season bargains and second time around stores. 

Happy hunting and it’s fun too!

Love Always


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