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An Attitude of Gratitude will bring Grace

Have you ever paused and noticed how you feel when you were thankful for something or someone? Take a moment and consider this. When you present in that feeling of a Gratitude you feel more open, generous, more connected more aware and alive.

Gratitude is within you! Your experience with gratitude can be for yourself, for someone or something, or for your connection which is greater for yourself - a higher power , whatever the that may be for you. When you activate gratitude by giving it your attention and intention you create a whole new energy flow. The energy of gratitude knows no bounds and it returns to you bringing unlimited goodness, something within you changes  and everything around you  changes. THAT my friends is what I call grace! Let’s use today’s meditation  to feel the warmth and light  and transformative power of grace and gratitude within you.

Discovery that grace can bring transformation isn’t new.  For centuries in many cultures there’s been a tradition of thanking God every day and in return God returns grace.  Offering gratitude starts an inner conversation on one side of the conversation is your thanks and devotion for the good things in your life, on the other side  it’s the response  which is to bring you more good things  to be grateful for.  So let’s begin the conversation  right this minute .  

Think of 3 good  things  in your life.  They don’t have to be the most important things.  Just whatever you’re thinking in your heart. If it’s a beautiful morning  and you have a rose sitting in a vase and breakfast in front of you., that’s 3 things already.  Now take the first thing whatever it is , if the thing isn’t in front of you visualize it in your mind. Send thanks to it.  You  can use the word thank you if you feel comfortable using it , but the real key is feeling.  Let the feeling of gratitude come from your heart .  It’s a warm gentle sensation that brings a smile.  Now comes a new element. Imagine whatever you grwstful for a person, a special momento, something beautiful in nature is aware of your thanks .  See it smiling back at you shimmering with the same warm feeling .  Your thanks have been received and welcomed! After a moment give thanks to the second thing  and then see it receive your thanks.  Go on to the 3rd thing and repeat again.  You have   successfully started the flow of grace. Grace when it’s alive and flowing works like a feedback loop.  You give something to the source and  in turn a response comes back to you. The secret that every time you do this, you change the pathways in your brain.  These new pathways change your perception.  They allow you to pay attention to the good things  you are grateful for and in return grace welcomes you. Now that you know the method make it part of your daily routine. 

Start paying attention to your day to day activities taking a moment for rah thing you are thankful for.  Feel the emotion don’t just have a passing thought.  The best way to feel gratitude is in mind and body.   Let the warmth of gratitude begin in your heart and spread outward.  It has to visualize what you are grateful for. Honoring how you are supported  even in the smallest way connects you emotionally with the flow of life.  Gratitude brings the support in life. This is how grace becomes real and practical . You are learning the teaching behind Gratitude for which goes back thousands of years. 

Have a great week and let your gratitude be felt in mind and body!

Love Always


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