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"Life isn't about finding yourself - Life is about creating yourself"


What you pay attention to activates the Energy of Attraction. Here are a few pointers on what to do to create what you want in life.

* Have a clear intention (dont muddy it with compromises & excuses for why it wont come true).

* Have positive emotions around your desire (Feel how good it will be to fulfill it).

* Believe what you want is beneficial for you without any negative consequences to those around you.

* Be prepared for any response the universe brings & be flexible to how you go from there.

* Feel confident that hidden forces will come to your aid once your desire is released.

Do a 15 min meditation and silently continuously repeat the following in your mind. "My being is without beginning or end". The moment you start thinking about other things bring yourself to the present and repeat "My being is without beginning or end" until the 15 minutes is reached.

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