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Thailand - My visit to Lampang

On arrival the first thing I noticed was the extensive use of beautiful wood to build just about anything. A country town set in the valley of lushness surrounded by beautiful mountains❤️ My first thought was beautiful BIG modernized town with a touch of serenity, slower than Bangkok...well more relaxed and less cars.

My first visit the next day was a very beautiful temple and more temples and places of worship. A quick stop to have lunch in some restaurant that resembles sitting in an auntys kitchen. Well the food was very tasty 😋. I just can’t get enough of Thai cuisine. It is an explosion of tastes in your mouth ....well rather orgasmic if I may say! Tastes of garlic, ginger, broth of vegetables, chicken and some of the Thai secrets which I have yet to uncover but I am very determined to do so that I can cook my own Thai dishes when I’m back home. But for now it’s so cheap...I’m eating out all the time😂

The second day in Lampang started early. To the mountain we go. Very eager to explore the monastery/temple situated on the peaks of a very high mountain. They drive you up halfway and from there the journey is on foot. At first I was sceptical whether in my fitness state if I could get to the top. However, I must congratulate the Thai for making it easier with man made metal stairs up the way. The journey up is about half a kilometer. At the bottom when we started I observed this monk dressed in orange starting the journey with us. As we start our journey the monk started loading some building bricks in a bag I estimate this load to be about at least 10 - 15kg and he readies himself to load this on hy he back of his neck and back. He starts carrying these bricks up the stairs on the mountain the only way to get these bricks up there to finish some building work.

His commitment, tenacity and strength inspired me to an extent that somewhere there’s always someone doing something amazing and empowering, yet we still are fixated on the negativity we are fed. I felt like I wanted to help him. On the stairway bricks are put in a plastic bag for those who want to carry some up the mountain to help them getting those bricks up there. Well my friend and his wife and I decided that is what we wanted to do and helped with whatever we could manage to carry up there.

Once up there I was amazed at the tranquility and the peace I felt. I meditated for about 20minutes and we explored the places of meditation up there. How beautiful it was to gaze down to the bottom from the top. A mixture of excitement, love and peace overwhelmed me. I didn’t want to leave and we spent a good 3hrs or so up there just taking this beauty and peace in to intoxicate myself with all this gratitude and blessings I feel. The mountains have always been my peace, my sanctuary and my place of overwhelming happiness. If I could have it my way...that’s where I would like to be buried when I’m gone🙏🏼

Time to leave the mountain and on our way down we encounter the monk doing about his 4th trip up and down, sweat running like a stream down his face...with a smile on his now THAT is commitment, tenacity, willpower and strength within. I am in awe of this man! And it fills me with hope that there is still so much good out there...we just have to look for it and grow that instead of all the doom and gloom.

This post is dedicated to true friendship and my Thai brother and sister Shomori Pass and Apple

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