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Thailand Diary - The People

Temples and Palace

On arrival in Bangkok the first thing one notices are the smiles and humbleness of this nation. It is so beautiful to see that the locals take each and every opportunity to exploit their Entrepreneurial abilities to a level of pure want to create their living at all costs. They are hardworking and do not watch the clock. They work from early in the morning to late at night with everyone in the family unit helping out.

Another trait of the Thai people is that they never complain and they are NOT negative people. This is something the Thai can teach South Africans. They make small profits but they look at the bigger picture that sustains their business because they have so many clients. I have tried not giving anyone a tip and they are still happy and smiling when they do not get tipped. The energy around them is gratitude. How awesome is that!

South Africans are always complaining about the economic situation, and anything they can complain about. With an energy of gratitude abundance is created and we just dont get it.

Another thing I noticed that their are no bad news posters from newspapers on their poles or anywhere. In South Africa there are always bad news posters of newspapers in full view for everyone to see. This brings our energy we emit to such a negative level that you dont even want to start your day.

Two lessons from the Thai:

1. Practice an Attitude of Gratitude ALWAYS no matter the situation we find ourselves in. Find something because there is ALWAYS something to feel thankful for.

2. Create, create, create....take responsibility for earning your own living. Do not wait on the government or anyone else for your living. And STOP spreading bad news!!! It just intoxicates us with negativity and leaves us in a state of non creation.

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