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What is Karma?

Yesterday we asked ourselves the question, Who Am I? That's a big one. I did that to begin opening up to our deepest destiny. Every human has to answer that question for himself/herself. Today we tap into the powerful Law of Karma, as an instrument for unlocking our potential and realizing our dreams.

What is Karma?

Its a tool that we use to create abundance. Most simply said what you put out in the world is always coming back to you...and you have a choice in the Karma you create in life. When you are more conscious and present, you can choose actions & thoughts that nurture rather than hurt. Allowing more of your innate goodness to emanate in the world draws abundance & richness back to you. If you dont like what is manifesting in your life you can change your choices and thereby change your Karmic pattern. Being present & aware of your ability to make different choices you begin to make a new expansive sense of freedom & hope. With each deliberate choice you can feel more deeply your powerful influence in creating ever flowing abundance in your life. Consider that as I guide you towards more empowerment through choice and meditate on that.

Have you ever felt that you have been tossed around at the will of the world around you? But little influence of your daily experience & destiny. At times it may feel like we are just passengers along for the ride. We may find ourselves reacting to situations in life with the sense of powerlessness as if our circumstances is completely preordained. Today we explore Karma's rule and unlocking our potential & realizing our dreams. Our relationship and intention with our Karma provides a powerful tool that offers a sense of freedom and empowerment as we recognize our influence in creating positive & ever flowing abundance in our lives. In the spiritual law of Karma every reaction creates a force of energy that is returned to us in kind. Simply put what we give, we receive. When we choose actions that brings happiness and success to others, the fruit of our Karma is happiness and success. The key to using the Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect is becoming a way of the choices we make in each moment when we are more conscious and present. We can choose actions and thoughts that nurture rather than hurt us. When we have a decision to make its useless which action is likely to bring happiness & fulfillment to me & everyone affected by my choice. Setting the intention to make choices that will bring awareness & success to others is a powerful choice.

Today we begin to shift our Karmic presence by inviting the stage of equanimity to our lives. This divine state is accessible & within each one of us. We open it through the stillness of meditation. When we live in equanimity we experience the deep inner balance and a sense of peace and the ability to focus on the beauty of the whole rather than on contrasts such as good VS bad, Winner VS loser. In this beautiful state we release & allow ourselves to absorb the tranquility of mind deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment found in the absolute stillness of pure consciousness by cultivating equanimity state through our meditation practice we gently wash away the Karmic patterns & consequences from our trail of past choices creating a new life vibration as we continue our journey into our meditation practicing with our Karmic resonance & cultivating equanimity in our lives, we release the past and awaken the present and take action to create the future we desire.

We now realize that we are the masters of our own destinies free to enjoy life rich with fulfillment, purpose and passion.

Prepare to meditate for 15mins each day and focus on the centering thought - I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR

Allow yourself to breathe effortlessly in and out. Focus on your breathing and when you get distracted by other thoughts or anything else the body experiences gently bring your thoughts back to your centering thought.

Begin to release your thoughts and expectations. Allow yourself to become more comfortable & more at peace. In your mind say this Sanskrit Mantra - OM KRIYAM NAMAH ( meaning My actions are aligned with cosmic law) repeatedly in your mind.

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